CheckDetailsHotel Response

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag.
 -CheckDetailsHotel The command name.
 --LoginId The end user login id. See the Login guide.
 --RoutingId The routing id (as returned previously).
* Similar to router in plane ProcessDetails response.
 Contains the details of the selected hotel. This may differ from the details previously supplied as more information may be available from the supplier now that a hotel has been selected. The structure of this element will be exactly as in the ResultsResponse, except that in the ResultList there will only be one result, and in the OptionList there will only be one option (corresponding to the selected option). Since the supplier may structure their data differently at this stage and may also alter or add any information to the data previously supplied, this Router cannot be guaranteed to contain the same price / journey breakdowns as in the results stage. Travelfusion will only supply the data that the supplier provides at each stage. This element may be omitted if no new data is supplied by the supplier.

The list of 'extra' parameters that are required in order to book a hotel is contained within this Router inside RequiredParameterList element (see plane CheckRouting response for element and tables describing all possible parameters - one element PerRoom only exists for hotel suppliers which will be true if a parameter has to be submitted for each room only. The tables below describe the hotel specific parameters.
* Same as in plane ProcessDetails response.
 Provides information needed to hand the user over to the supplier in a browser at the appropriate stage to complete the booking. If this is omitted then 'deep linking' is not available for this supplier or result. Suppliers that require cookies cannot be 'deep-linked' in this way due to browser security restrictions.
* Same as in plane ProcessDetails response.
 Defines which card types are supported for this booking.

Format of the Name element (in RequiredParameter)

The possible values for this field are defined in the two tables below. The first part of the table shows data that should be supplied in a CustomSupplierParameterList, which can be supplied in the BookingProfile element at any stage of the search / booking process. Various other parameters can be supplied in the CustomSupplierParameterList that are not specified here as they will never appear in the RequiredParameterList. The BookingProfile element is specified fully in the plane ProcessTerms request. The second table below shows other special parameters that have other effects.

Parameters to be Supplied in a 'CustomSupplierParameterList'

Value Format Description
BedType value1 (description1), value2 (description2), ...
[values taken from DisplayText]
Specifies the bed type the end user requires.
Example: Please Select a Bed Type: regularBed, extraBed, parentsBed, childExtraBed

See notes below this table for more information
TravelPurpose value1 (description1), value2 (description2), ...
[values taken from DisplayText]
Specifies purpose of / reason for travel of the end user.
Example: Please specify a purpose of travel: Business, Leisure

See notes below this table for more information
MessageToTheHotel textThis is a non-binding
request that will be sent
to the hotel. The hotel 
will reply directly to the 
contact details 
submitted for this 
SupplierBusinessAccountCardNotPresentAuthorisationbooleanIndicates whether supplier 
business account card 
authorisation should be 
requested from the supplier in 
which case 
AccountCardUsername and 
sword should be supplied as well
SupplierBusinessAccountCardUsernametext The supplier business account 
card username to submit to the 
SupplierBusinessAccountCardPasswordtext The supplier business account 
card password to submit to the 
SupplierNegotiatedFaresCodetextThis enables to receive special 
negotiated fares when 
unique code obtained from 
supplier is submitted 
using this 
FrequentGuestNumber textThis enables customers to receive loyalty rewards when the unique number issued by the supplier is submitted using this parameter
UseSupplierDirectBilling booleanIndicates that the user agrees to be billed directly by the supplier, per their agreement.
SupplierDirectBillingCode textThe direct billing code, if requires by the supplier to authorise a direct billing booking.
UseTFMerchant  booleanIndicates that the card will be charged via the Travelfusion Merchant solution.

For both BedType and TravelPurpose, you will present the end user with a selection or some options, and they will then need to select or type in an appropriate value. The DisplayText must be parsed to extract the values and descriptions. The delimeters are the following characters : , ( )
will not appear in the initial text.
and , will not appear in any of the values.
will not appear in the descriptions.
Any leading and trailing whitespace should be trimmed from all values and descriptions.
Please note that this is an unofficial interim solution and may be subject to improvement or complete alteration at any point in the future. 

For parameters with boolean formatyou will present the end user with a radio button with values yes and no. If yes is selected, submit 'y' for this parameter. Otherwise submit value 'n'.

For parameters with text formatyou will present the end user with a simple text box and submit the value entered for this parameter.

Parameters with Other Effects

 Value Effect Description
  • If this is required per booking, the name of the first Traveller in the TravellerList of BookingProfile is used as the guest name. The TravellerList must not be empty, and the first Traveller must be an adult.
  • If this is specified as required per room, the TravellerList in BookingProfile must contain exactly as many Traveller items as the number of rooms being booked. All travellers must be adults. The order is important as the first adult name will be used for the first room and so on.
  • If this is specified as required per passenger, the TravellerList in BookingProfile must include all travellers.
 Identifies suppliers that require guest name information either per passenger, per room or per booking.
CreditCardRequiredForReservation If specified, CreditCard must be included in BillingDetails of the BookingProfile. Identifies suppliers that use the credit card only for validation,  authentication and for securing the reservation. Please note that this card may be charged in case of "no-show".