CheckTermsHotel Response

 XML Field  Description
 CommandList  The surrounding tag.
 -CheckTermsHotel  The command name.
 --LoginId  The end user login id. See the Login guide.
 --RoutingId  The routing id (as returned previously).
 The TF booking reference corresponding to that returned previously.
 Here are the possible values and their meaning.

 Value  Meaning
 BookingCreated  If the previous StartTermsHotel command is complete, then this status indicates there was a problem with the StartTermsHotel (user must either StartTermsHotel again, or act depending on the StartTermsHotel response). If previous StartTermsHotel command is not complete at the time this command is submitted (this must never be the case as user must wait for StartTermsHotel to complete before they submit this command), then user must wait for StartTermsHotel to complete and re-submit this command.
 TermsStartFailed  There was an error, and it was not possible to launch the terms stage of the supplier. An ecode attribute should be included, describing the reason for failure. User should start over with a new StartTermsHotel request.
 TermsInProgress  User should repeat CheckTermsHotel request after a few seconds.
 TermsSucceeded  User can proceed with StartBookingHotel request.
 TermsFailed  This element contains an ecode attribute describing the reason for failure (See the error handling guide for details).
* Not implemented
 See definition of Router in CheckDetailsHotel response.
* Same as in plane ProcessTerms response.
 Contains the supplier's own responses.
* Same as in plane ProcessTerms response.
 Contains the URL for an image which the user must be shown so that they can enter a special authorisation key. This applies to very few suppliers. Please contact Travelfusion for more details.