StartDetailsHotel Request

 XML Field  Description
 CommandList  The surrounding tag.
 -StartDetailsHotel  The command name.
 --XmlLoginId  The xml customer login id. See the Login guide.
 --LoginId  The end user login id. See the Login guide.
 --RoutingId  The routing id corresponding to that returned previously.
 --OptionId  The id of the selected hotel option.
 ----ExtraId The id of the selected room extra.
* Same as in plane ProcessDetails request.
 If not supplied will be treated as false. If true, all data in the details response Router element (if present) should be ignored. The benefit of using this option is that the supplier will not be interrogated for further details of the flight and so the response may be faster. This is important when using the SupplierHandoffData to drop the end user in to the supplier site as it will prevent unnecessary delays for the customer. It is not recommended to use this feature if further stages are to be submitted (terms, booking etc).