This option enables having a deposit account with Travelfusion with the following considerations:

  1. Branch Configuration: managed by our Operation Team;

  2. Prepaid Currencies: You have the option to select one or any number of currencies for your deposits. Prepaid currencies available are: AUD, CNY, EUR, GBP, USD, SGD, JPY, HKD, NZD, MXN, PLN, INR. No Currency Exchange Rates, valid at the time of the transaction, are applied for payments made by Travelfusion in the supported currencies, and quoted and charged to your deposits.

  3. Non-Prepaid Currencies: Currency conversion fees apply to payments made to travel suppliers using currencies that are not listed above in section B.

  4. Payment Logic: You can select one of the following options to determine your preferred method of using TF.Prepaid.

    1. Process Bookings by Applicable Criteria (recommended)

This option permits Travelfusion to decide when to process a booking as a Travelfusion payment. This means that if Travelfusion’s payment method is less beneficial than the payment method you submitted to us, we will NOT process the booking as Travelfusion payment. In other words, we only process payments under Travelfusion payment if it is more beneficial to you. In the event we decide not to process a booking as Travelfusion payment, we automatically include and submit the credit card details, provided to us by you, directly to the supplier in our ‘ProcessTerms’ request. Please note that under this payment method you authorise Travelfusion to share the credit card details, as given to us, with a given supplier. This method offers the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective payment method hence it maximizes your cost savings.

  1. Always Process Bookings as Travelfusion payment

This means that all bookings are processed, as Travelfusion payment regardless of card type or payment method. In other words, Travelfusion will NOT submit credit card details provided to us by you to the supplier. In this option, we use our own payment system to process bookings with your suppliers. It is recommended to select this option if you wish to process all your bookings as Travelfusion payment, and prohibit Travelfusion to share credit card details with any of your suppliers. Compared to the 'Always Process Bookings as Travelfusion Payment option, the ‘Process Bookings by Applicable Criteria’ method may not result in additional cost savings.

  1. Billing Details: Both options, 'Process Bookings by Applicable Criteria’ and 'Always Process Bookings as Travelfusion Payment' require that you provide Travelfusion with an always up-to-date and valid credit card and billing information.

  2. Prices and Card Fees: In our API responses, at the search stage, we provide both the fare for the journey and an estimated price that a supplier would charge by using a credit card type that submitted to us by you for a given booking. This provides you with the ability to quote the fare together with the estimated card fees, if any. If you select the ‘Always Process Bookings, as Travelfusion Payment’ we will select a credit card type for the card fees.

  3. Fares, Currencies & Mark Ups: It is possible with TF.Prepaid to configure your account to return detailed information on fares including a variety of fees, such as transaction fees; as well as add mark-ups at the search stages of the booking process; and manage agents’ preferred currencies.

API Configuration

To configure your requests to our API, please see be below links:

Flights and Rail


Going Live - Checklist

This step is to ensure that all the settings are in configured and ready to be implemented. Before we grant you permission to use TF.Payment for live bookings, we would like to verify that you successfully integrated it into your system. 
It is also critical to reply to all the questions from the Going Live checklist.


In this step we will setup your account in your preferred currency and then Travelfusion Finance Team will help you through the process of making your first deposit, by transferring funds into our account. Travelfusion requires an initial deposit of EUR/GBP 5,000.00 to cover the initial batch of bookings.

We have well-defined processes in place to provide you with full transparency (24/7 administrative system) and access to the status of your funds at any time that is closely monitored by our team.

Special Notes

  • Booking and payment flow can be seen on this TF.Prepaid Diagram
  • Charges: The Table below is for information only and it is a list of the current additional and extra charges (as of February 2014). These charges are subject to change and applied by financial institutions (banks) and credit card companies. Please note that some of these charges are in-corporated into the booking price while others are invoiced in the your Billing Report we generate every month.


Fixed Fees


Bank Charges (card loading / unloading)

0.30 EUR

At the time of booking

Bank Charges – Handling Fees

1.5% over Booking Price

At the time of booking

Currency Conversion Fees (for any currency besides AUD, EUR, GBP, USD, SGD, JPY, THB, TRY, NOK, SEK, DKK, INR*, CNY*)*INR, CNY: Varies depending on the settlement scheme available for a supplier.


At the time of booking

Refund Fee

0.20 EUR

At the time of billing

Bank Charges - International Credit (SWIFT)

10.00 EUR

At the time of billing


For more information and any inquiry please contact