CheckinPlane RESPONSE

CheckCheckinPlane Response

 XML Field  Description
 CommandList  The surrounding tag.
 -CheckCheckinPlane  The command name.
 --LoginId  The end user login id.
 --TFCheckinReference  The Travelfusion check-in reference for this check-in. This can be used in <GetCheckinPlaneDetails> command to retrieve check-in status updates.
 This may contain one of the following values:

IN_PROGRESS - The check-in has been initiated. All parameters have been correctly submitted. In case of return flights, a check-in will stay in this status until it has been completed for the inbound part.

ERROR - There was an error that prevented the check-in. The <CheckinStatus> will contain attributes ecode, etext, edetail and edate that explain the problem, e.g. a traveller was missing from the list or had a wrong name. The user must correct as per error report and start over by resubmitting the corrected StartCheckinPlane request.

COMPLETE - All travellers are checked in. No further user interaction is needed.

UNCONFIRMED - The check-in may or may not have been made. User should contact Travelfusion for resolution.
 See airline in StartCheckinPlane request.
 See <StartCheckinPlaneRequest> command
  ---Traveller  See <StartCheckinPlaneRequest> command. This also contains the <CheckedIn> element.
 Indicates whether check-in is complete for outward and return flights for this traveller.
 Has a boolean value specifying whether check-in has completed for the outward flight.
 Has a boolean value specifying whether check-in has completed for the return flight.