CheckBooking Response

 XML Field  Description
 CommandList  The surrounding tag
 -CheckBooking  The command name
 --Status  Value is one of: Succeeded, BookingInProgress, Failed, Unconfirmed, UnconfirmedBySupplier. If the status is BookingInProgress, then the customer should repeat the check booking request in a few seconds. For any other status, the booking attempt has been completed. Unconfirmed indicates that Travelfusion cannot confirm the status of the booking. UnconfirmedBySupplier indicates that the supplier could not confirm the status of the booking. See the Booking Handling Guide for more details of how to handle these cases.
 Value is one of: true, false. If this element is returned, and the value is true, then CheckBooking requests should stop being sent, and the card verification process must be completed before CheckBooking requests can be resumed. Please see the Card Verification Handling Guide - Redirect for more details.
 The booking reference number issued by the supplier. The following table shows what will be provided in the SupplierReference element for each possible booking status:
Status SupplierReference
Succeeded  Supplier's booking reference
BookingInProgress  Omitted
Failed  SupplierReference tag contains an ecode attribute describing the reason for failure (See the error handling guide for details)
Unconfirmed  Omitted
UnconfirmedBySupplier  May be omitted, or may contain supplier's reference (occasionally suppliers issue reference numbers but cannot confirm the status of the booking)
 Contains miscellaneous confirmation data from the supplier. Will be omitted if there is no such data supplied. Contains 1 or more SupplierConfirmationDataItem elements. Each data item has a free-text name which describes what the data represents. These names may be one of the following pre-defined values, or they may be any other free text string which will be appropriate for direct display to the end user:
Data Item name Meaning
 Ticket number  The ticket number as returned by the supplier

 ---SupplierConfirmationDataItem  An item of confirmation data returned by the supplier
 ----Name  The name of the data item
 ----Value  The value of the data item
 See specification of this element in the ProcessTerms response.