GetAirlinesData Response

 XML Field  Description
 CommandList  The surrounding tag
 -GetAirlinesData  The command name
 --AirlineList  Contains the list of airlines recognised by Travelfusion. Contains 1 or more Airline elements.
 ---Airline  Describes a known airline. Please note that the code and names related to the airlines (operators) could change at any time and it is your responsibility to detect these changes and handle them accordingly. For example, if you have created your own logos for the airlines and you have used the TFCode to identify the right logo, you may need to update your logos whenever our airline list changes (for example if British Airways changes from having code 'BA' to 'BA1').
 ----TFCode  Each airline in the list has a unique Travelfusion code. The first two characters represent the standard IATA code for the operator, but sometimes a number is appended to the end of the IATA code to differentiate between operators that are using the same IATA code as each other. In these cases, the code ending in '1' represents the preferred operator name. For example, if BA1 has name 'British Airways' and BA2 has name 'Gofly', then 'British Airways' would be the preferred name for the IATA code 'BA'.
 ----IataCode  The standard IATA code for this airline. There are many cases where multiple airlines use the same IATA code so this value may occur more than once in this list of airlines.
 ----AirlineNameList  The names for this airline in various languages. Contains 1 or more AirlineName elements.
 -----AirlineName  A name for this airline and the language that the name is in
 ------Language  The language - e.g. 'Chinese'
 ------LanguageCode  The ISO 639-1 language code (lower case) - e.g. 'zh'. See
 ------Name  The name of the airline in the specified language