StartBooking Request

In the unlikely event that the Travelfusion system takes too long to respond to a StartBooking request and the client system therefore has to 'timeout' the request, this should not be treated as a failed booking. The booking may in fact have been successfully initiated and may subsequently complete successfully. In such cases, the customer is advised to treat the booking as Unconfirmed (uncertain status) and inform the end user accordingly and apply the appropriate operational procedures. 
Unrecognised or unexpected responses from the Travelfusion server should also be treated similarly, including schema validation failures. In fact, the customer system should assume that a booking may have been made regardless of the contents of the StartBooking response (or lack thereof).

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag
 -StartBooking The command name
 --XmlLoginId The xml customer login id. See the Login guide
 --LoginId The end user login id. See the Login guide
 The Travelfusion booking reference supplied in the ProcessTerms response
 --ExpectedPrice Defines the total price that your system believes is going to be billed. Follows the general 'Format of the Price element' described here. It must only contain an Amount and a Currency element.
Travelfusion will check that this matches the actual price to be billed and returns an error if not (and does not proceed with the booking).
See the booking handling guide for more details.
 Describes the settings for making 'fake' bookings. A real booking will be attempted if this element is omitted.
 ---EnableFakeBooking Must have value true or false. If true, the booking will be simulated using a pre-cached confirmation page for a successful booking already made. In this case, the final price will be different from the one quoted in the ProcessTerms response. If false, a real booking will be made.
 ---FakeBookingSimulatedDelaySeconds Specifies the simulated delay for this booking. For example, if this is submitted with value '30', subsequent CheckBooking requests will return a booking status of BookingInProgress for the first 30 seconds, and the first CheckBooking request to be made after 30 seconds have elapsed will return a complete booking status (as specified in the FakeBookingStatus element). This element will be ignored if EnableFakeBooking is false.
 Requests a specific booking status to be returned. Default is Succeeded. Can take any of the values that the Status element can have in the CheckBooking response, except BookingInProgress. This element will be ignored if EnableFakeBooking is false.
 Requests the card verification process to be simulated. For full details see the Card Verification Handling Guide - Redirect.
    [Optional] DEPRECATED
 The special authorisation entered by the user. See ProcessTerms response for more details.