StartRouting Response

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag
 -StartRouting The command name
 --RoutingId The routing id - will be needed later when requesting the search results
 --RouterList Contains a summary of the searches that are being performed by Travelfusion on the suppliers. Contains 0 or more Router elements
 Represents a search for a particular route on a particular supplier.
 ----Supplier  The supplier accessed by this Router. The possible values for this field correspond to the SupplierList in the Search request
 If this field is supplied, the value must be placed after a hyphen after the supplier name within the standard supplier logo name. For example, if the default supplier logo name is 'easyjet.gif' and the LogoNameSuffix is 'norway' then the full logo name would be 'easyjet-norway.gif'. Note that the LogoNameSuffix element may not occur in the Router at all stages (e.g. it may only occur in the StartRouting response and not in the CheckRouting response or subsequent stages). In such cases, the suffix should still always be added to the logo name whenever the logo is displayed.
 ----RequestedLocations The locations that were requested by Travelfusion from the supplier
 -----Origin The origin location requested
 ------Type airport or city or trainstation (see train guidelines)
 ------Code The three letter code for the airport, city or trainstation
 -----Destination The destination location requested. Same format as Origin
 The list of 'extra' parameters that are required in order to obtain the correct data from the suppliers. e.g. if the prices can vary depending upon the supplier login used, this will be highlighted here, at which point the customer could request the required data from the end user, if appropriate, and resubmit the search request (if the needed data was not supplied already). Has the same format as the RequiredParameterList in the Results Response