CheckinPlane REQUEST

CheckinPlane Request

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag.
 -StartCheckinPlane The command name.
 --XmlLoginId The xml customer login id. See the Login guide.
 --LoginId The end user login id. See the Login guide.
 If the booking was made via Travelfusion, then users must include this.
 ----Name E.g. emailto, emailbcc, locale, brand, phone
 --Airline The airline to request for check-in availability. See the GetAirlinesData response.
 ---TFCode The unique Travelfusion airline code. See the GetAirlinesData response. To obtain a list of all TF airline codes, use the GetAirlinesData command.
 One of the preferred, available authentication options to log into the supplier's check-in session. If missing, then the response will contain all possible log in options the user could have.
 The recipient email address where the boarding passes are sent to.
 The list of travellers to be checked in. It must contain at least one traveller. If missing, the response will contain a <ParameterOptionList> showing all the check-in parameter options available to the user.
  ---Traveller It contains information about the traveller.
  ----Name The name of the traveller. See the related sub-section for details of the General Name Format.
  ----ParameterOption Describes the check-in parameters required per flight direction (if required).
 Must have one of the following values: outbound, inbound, both. If missing, the parameters will apply to both direction.
  -----ParameterOptionItemList Contains a list of parameters that are required for this option.
  ------ParameterOptionItem A check-in parameter.
  -------Name A standard check-in parameter name.
  -------Value The value of the parameter.