CheckBookingCancelPlane Response

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag.
 -CheckBookingCancelPlane The command name.
 --LoginId The end user login id. See the Login guide.
 --TFBookingReference The TF reference (as returned previously).
 --Status Value is one of: CancelSucceededCancelInProgressCancelFailedCancelUnconfirmedCancelUnconfirmedBySupplier. If the status is CancelInProgress, then the customer should repeat the check-booking-cancel request in a few seconds. For any other status, the booking cancellation attempt has been completed. Status CancelUnconfirmed indicates that Travelfusion cannot confirm the status of the cancellation. CancelUnconfirmedBySupplier indicates that the supplier could not confirm the status of the booking cancellation. See the Booking Handling Guide for more details of how to handle these cases.

In case of CancelFailed status, this element may contain zero or more of the following attributes:
ecode : error code
etext : brief description of reason of error (See the error handling guide for details)
edate : time error occured
 * Same as in plane CheckBooking response.

This will contain the cancellation reference, if provided by the supplier, as well as various information as described in the link above.