GetAirportsData Response

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag
 -GetAirportsData The command name
 --AirportList Contains the list of airports recognised by Travelfusion. Contains 1 or more Airport elements.
 ---Airport Describes a known airport.
 ----IataCode The standard IATA code for this airport.
 ----Country Defines the country that the airport is in.
 -----CountryName The name of the country.
 -----CountryCode The ISO 3166 code for the country.
 ----City Defines the main city related to this airport.
 -----CityName The name of the city.
 The standard IATA TLA for this city. Will be omitted if the city has no known IATA code.
 ----AirportNameList The names for this airport in various languages. Contains 1 or more 'AirportName' elements.
 -----AirportName A name for this airport and the language that the name is in.
 ------Language The language - e.g. 'Chinese'
 ------LanguageCode The ISO 639-1 language code (lower case) - e.g. 'zh'. See
 ------Name The name of the airport in the specified language