ResolveLocation Response

 XML Field Description
 CommandList The surrounding tag
 -ResolveLocation The command name
 --LocationList The possible locations that match the location specified in the request. Contains 0 or more Location elements.
 A possible location. Each of the immediate child-elements of this element are optional and will be omitted if not requested in the LocationResolutionRequest
 The text that Travelfusion recommends to be displayed to the user when representing this location.
 An integer. The Travelfusion id for this location.
 One of:
  • Capital
  • Capital Of Region
  • City
  • Airport
  • Populated Place
  • Section of City
  • Locality
Other types may be added as and when they are needed. Customers will be consulted in such cases.
 The three letter code of the city or airport. Will always be supplied for type Airport. If the place type is Capital, Capital Of Region or City, the code will be supplied if available. For other types, this element will always be omitted.
 The Travelfusion name for the location.
 The Travelfusion sub-region name for this location.
 The Travelfusion super-region name for this location.
 The country of the location.
 -----Name The Travelfusion name for the location country.
 -----Code The two letter code of the location country.
 Has value true or false. If the customer is custom-building the display name of the location using the various data fields (Name, country, Admin1, Admin2 etc), there are some situations where the Admin2 field should not be displayed.
 The coordinates of the location
 -----Latitude The latitude as a floating point number (degrees)
 -----Longitude The longitude as a floating point number (degrees)
 Details of the city related to the airport. Will be omitted if the location is not an airport or the city related to the airport is unknown.
 -----Name The name of the city that is related to this airport.
 The three letter code of the city. Will be omitted if not known.