In this option you allow Travelfusion to be the merchant for either the full transaction or just the booking fee portion with the following considerations:

  1. Branch Configuration: managed by our Operations Team.

  2. Form of Payment (FOP): You need to submit either your own FOP to Travelfusion.

  3. Fares, Currencies & Mark Ups. It is possible with tfMerchant to configure your account to return detailed information on fares including a variety of fees, such as transaction fees; as well as add mark-ups at the search stages of the booking process; and manage agents’ preferred currencies.

  4. Bookings: Please note that this payment method is managed on a per-supplier basis instead on a per-booking basis. It means that all transactions on a particular supplier will be handled as TF.Merchant.

  5. Booking and payment flow can be seen on this tfMerchant Diagram

  6. International payments - no exchange rate fees for: EUR, AUD, USD, GBP, JPY, TRY, THB, SGD, NOK, SEK, DKK, HUF, CZK, ZAR, AED, HKD, MXN, INR**, CNY**

  7. Automatic international card acceptance.

  8. Maximised supplier acceptance - supports close user loops.

  9. Secure payment and spend with enhanced audit and controls.

  10. Automatic reconciliation (payment = booking) - simplifies accounting and back office processes.

  11. Automatically generates tfPay into customer’s workflow: GDS Desktop, App, API

  12. Automates operational process - rich data and reporting.

  13. Easy integration with procurement systems.

API Configuration

Flights, Rail and Hotels

This configuration is applicable only when you authorize Travelfusion to be the Merchant for either the full transaction or just the booking fee portion of a booking. Once we activate the Merchant method at our end the following changes in the booking flow are generated:

    • Additional taxes will be displayed, such as the 'Merchant Fee', under the Leg/Group price ‘TaxItemList’;

    • You will receive the following SupplierInfo item at ProcessTerms:



<DisplayName>Merchant Booking</DisplayName>


<Info>The booking is being processed through the merchant system</Info>



Please ensure that your system can parse this. Failing such means that the booking is not being processed through the Merchant System. We request that your application dynamically handles situations in which our operation team advises you of any de-activation of the merchant system.

Going Live

This step is to ensure that all the settings are in configured and ready to be implemented. Before we grant you permission to use tfPay for live bookings, we would like to verify that you successfully integrated it into your system. It is also critical to reply to all the questions from the Going Live checklist. tfPay team will assist you on the configuration.

Special Notes

    • Charges: The Table below is for information only and it is a list of the current additional and extra charges. These charges are subject to change and applied by financial institutions (banks) and credit card companies. Please note that some of these charges are in-corporated into the booking price while others are invoiced in the your Billing Report we generate every month.


For more information and any inquiry please contact