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Travelfusion Admin System Guide

The Travelfusion Admin System allows you to manage supplier content, manage user accounts and sub-branches as well as allows you to view the bookings made through your account.

Login information will be provided to you once you've signed the necessary agreements and and our sales team has registered an account for you. These login details will be used for the submission of the API commands as well as accessing the admin portal. Upon successful login, you will be directed to the main Menu page, as shown below.

User Profile

These fields allow you to edit personal information, as well as the Email addresses that should be used (i) for urgent notifications and (ii) for booking errors.


This area allows you to edit information about your company.

    • Company Name

    • Company Contact Details

    • Phone

    • Fax


Use these fields to specify which suppliers you want to use.

    • Suppliers available to book

    • Suppliers available for search only (this is to be used only by Search and Refer clients)

    • Hotels/Cars

Clicking on the links above, allows users to enable or disable suppliers. Please ensure that every time any changes are made to this list, that you click on “UPDATE SUPPLIERS” to update your list.


Provides a user-friendly environment to view the bookings made in a selected time frame.

All booking attempts (i.e those that had proceeded past StartBooking) are listed, with the different appropriate final statuses.

If you are logged in as the parent branch, you will be able to view all the bookings made by all of the sub-branches. Alternatively, if you are logged in as a user of a specific sub-branch, you will be able to view all the bookings made by that sub-branch.

Usage of Booking Table

Please refer to the top of the page to define parameters using the filters:

    • Display bookings from: adjusts the date and time periods between which bookings should be displayed. The form defaults to the current date and the ‘from’ field time defaults to 0:00am with the current hour in the ‘to’ field.

    • Show only latest version: this click-box filters out unconfirmed and unconfirmedbysupplier bookings and only displays their latest status.

    • Select booking status: drop down menu to select the desired filter for final booking status.

    • For Supplier: text field to define the supplier name by which bookings should be filtered.

    • By Travelfusion reference number / Supplier’s reference number: paste the specific reference number in the text field.

Please note that you are restricted in listing all bookings to a month at a time, provided that it does not exceed the number that can be viewed on any one page. Please also note that bookings made within a two month period are only visible, unless the flight has not yet departed. All other bookings are archived and are not available for general view. Travelfusion will be providing the quarterly invoices, which has the full list of bookings.

Please note that you are not permitted to access the admin pages via any automatic scripts. Should you have any further questions, please contact

The number of bookings displayed is shown under the filtered results.

The bookings are displayed in detail with the above columns. Please see below the specific stages of booking statuses.

To see the details of the booking please click on the ‘Info’ link under ‘More Info’ which will open up booking details such as:

    • Flight Details - supplier name, PNR, total number, outward and return flight details

    • Booking Details - date of booking, user and branch name

    • Supplier Parameters

    • Passenger Details - name and date of birth, number of bags, passport number (if it was submitted)

    • Contact Details - contact name, address, email, phone number

    • Billing Details

On the top of the page there are two links:

The final/confirmation page of the booking can be viewed by clicking on ‘View final booking page.’ Depending on our connection type with different suppliers, the confirmation page will be displayed either as an HTML page or in tabs of XML.

‘Go back to Bookings’ will take the user back to the main booking table with the current latest bookings.

Stages of Booking Statuses

A booking table entry is created after a successful StartBooking attempt is called.

at the ‘checkBooking’ stage there are five possible statuses:

    • Succeeded - the supplier has confirmed the successful status of the booking and returned a confirmation page with the PNR on it (blue colour).

    • Failed - the supplier has not confirmed the booking due to an error that they’d returned and have not charged the booking - possible causes are credit card being declined or other reason (red colour).

    • Unconfirmed - The system encountered a response that could not be parsed successfully to determine the status as either successful or failed. Such bookings are manually followed up with the supplier for a final status which can be either successful or failed. (cream colour). Our team sets the final status. Please see the version number below.

    • UnconfirmedBySupplier - the supplier was unable to confirm the final status of the booking at the time of the booking. It returned the PNR of the booking but the status of the booking remains “pending.” Such bookings are manually followed up with the supplier for a final status which can be either successful or failed. (yellow colour)

    • Duplicate - such status occurs when the user tried to make a booking identical to an earlier attempt. Travelfusion blocks such attempts, in order to avoid duplicate bookings on the supplier. The original attempt could either have the status “Succeeded,” “Unconfirmed” or “UnconfirmedBySupplier.” If the original booking is “Unconfirmed” or “UnconfirmedBySupplier,” the user is unable to reattempt the booking with identical details until the “Unconfirmed” or “UnconfirmedBySupplier” booking has been manually followed up with the supplier and its final status is set in the booking table. (brown colour). We block duplicates based on the traveller details, origin/ destination and departure, arrival dates matching the previous attempt.

Booking Version

The booking version is a numerical value. In succeeded, failed and duplicate bookings the booking version number is always ‘1’. Important changes in the booking version arise in the event of unconfirmed and unconfirmedBysupplier statuses. These two statuses are manually followed up with the supplier to confirm the final status of the booking. At this stage, the booking will be either successful or failed and the booking is held in version ‘1’. Once final status is confirmed, the booking is manually updated accordingly to either succeeded or failed and the version number will be changed ‘2’

General Usage Stats

Statistics regarding your usage, bookings and supplier details can be found here.