Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API

This specification provides the details of our core flight search API. 

However, for details of our new lightweight flight, hotel and 

prepackaged XML APIs, these can be found here.

The Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API allows authorised travel partners direct and easy access content from more than 150 low cost and scheduled airlines around the world.  With a rich set of functions and versatile integration capabilities, the Direct Connect XML API system allows you to link directly between your system and our online booking system.  With real-time availability and fully automated booking processes, this innovative system is constantly updated and is backed by a technical support team.  This system adds value for customers by allowing for choice, control and flexibility, an easy exchange of information and fresh, up-to-date content.  Detailed specifications of all XML requests, guidelines and further information are available in our Detailed XML Specification.

The Travelfusion Flight Search and Book APIs can also be provided in a simplified JSON format and in addition, we can also provide SDKs to streamline and assist with your implementation of our API. Please get in touch with to find out more. 

Search and Book

The entire search and booking process is completed by your application via the XML API. You remain in control of the customer and the user interface for the entire booking process. Read more

Search and Refer

Flight, hotel and car data is accessed by your application via the Travelfusion XML API, and displayed to the end user by your webservers or desktop application. You remain fully in control of the customer and the user interface up to the booking stages. Once the user has selected a flight, hotel or car they are handed over to the supplier's website to complete their booking. Various possibilities exist for tracking any subsequent bookings and commissions are available depending on the supplier. Read more

How do I access it?


The first step to integrating the Direct Connect XML API is to register to use the service by creating a login and password here:

Terms and Conditions

Use of the Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API is subject to fees as set out in our license agreement. All terms and conditions of use of the API are also governed by the license agreement which you are required to sign prior to using the XML API. For more information about these specifications or to enter into an agreement to use the Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API, please contact


To address any technical issues, concerns or questions, please contact the XML API support team by emailing A member of the team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible to offer any support you may need.