Accessing the Going-Live Checklist

By asking you to complete a checklist before going live, we aim to verify that you have successfully integrated with our XML API. The more issues we detect at this initial stage, the seamless your release will be.

To access the Going-Live checklist referenced above, and in the initial welcome pack, start by signing into the Travelfusion Reports Portal and select the "Flight Check List" or "Hotel Check List" on the left side, under the "Go Live" section of the navigation pane.

Once either of the above options are selected, you will be redirected to the respective product's Going-Live checklist, which will detail all of the appropriate questions, along with an "Add Comment" option, to give your answers - See an example below.

Once "Add Comment" is selected, a text box will pop up, and you will be able to write your answer.

Accessing Test/Fake Bookings

For a guide on accessing your fake bookings, please refer to the Booking Details Reports Guide, which will provide a detailed breakdown of each section when analysing booking information.

Enabling/Disabling Suppliers

For a detailed guide on how to enable/disable suppliers on each respective branch, please refer to the Reports Portal Guide.

Important note: there may be a delay for any changes to take effect. Please contact Travelfusion's 24/7 Operations team if this change is needed urgently.

If you have any questions during your API integration phase, please do not hesitate to send an email to