Travelfusion offers a collection of APIs in order to make booking updates possible at post-booking time for all NDC / FSC airlines and LCCs wherever such functionalities are offered. Examples of post-booking updates are changing of the flight date(s), route, seats, travel class, passenger details and so on, cancelling / voiding the flight, modifying / adding ancillaries, etc.

How to start with a post-booking update / change / cancellation

To perform a post-booking update, the users first need to check what kind of updates / modifications / changes are supported by the airline; this is done by submitting the ManageBookingAvailabilityPlane request. Note, this command must be cached on the user's side with a minimum timeout of 10 minutes.








The response contains a list of all possible post-booking update options supported by the given supplier. For documentation purposes, below is the full list of options.


Depending on the desired option, the user would then continue with one of the following API flows. Note, the returned options for a given supplier may not necessarily be applicable to all bookings (of that supplier); the user must follow up with the relevant API to handle this.

For more details on ManageBookingAvailabilityPlane visit Manage Booking API specification.


This API is used for changing the outward date, return date, origin or destination of a flight booking (i.e. the kind of changes that require a new search.)

Note: As well as the flight change, users may apply ancillary modifications / additions (as in Manage Booking API) from within this API flow in one go. For example, the user may change the origin AND add extra luggage, within Booking Changes API (as opposed to making two separate steps: first change the origin using the Booking Changes API, then subsequently follow Manage Booking API to add luggage.)

Important: It is not guaranteed that ancillaries or any other extras will carry on when the flight changes; this depends on the supplier / airline. The user must inspect details stage of the Booking Changes API to confirm class and (or add) required ancillaries before proceeding with the change.


This API is used for modifying / adding ancillaries to an existing booking, e.g. luggage, insurance, seats, passenger details or travel class.

Applicable to options: CANCEL.

This API is used for cancelling a flight booking.