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JIRA Quick User Guide

To post a new Jira ticket

Issue type: You can choose between “bug”, “configuration”, “operational request” and “new feature” according to your type of request.

Summary: Short, easily recognizable title for the bug. Supplier name and/or stage of the error help to identify the issue.

Component/s: You can select between “IBE”, “Tfpay”, “API” and “luggage”, or leave it blank. 

Priority: When you select priority here:

Please follow the table of priorities below:

Priorities on Jira can also be edited after creation, in case of priority changes.

Description: A detailed description of the issue.

Attachment: Browse your own computer for any files, screenshots, XML log files, etc. to upload with this bug.

When finished inputting the issue details then click Create.

To view all posted bugs:

New ticket status 

We have introduced 3 new ticket statuses to provide more visibility on the workflow we are following in Travelfusion:

Please click on the button “customer replied” once you have responded:

To close a Jira ticket