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tfPay - Payment Travel Innovation & Settlement


tfPay is a state of the art global payment and settlement solution for enterprises (corporate travellers), TMCs and OTAs. tfPay has combined the latest innovations in virtual cards with direct to supplier settlements to offer the most comprehensive, cost effective and secure way for travellers and travel managers to best manage payments to travel suppliers. tfPay supports payments on Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), Full Service Carriers, hotels, rail, rental car as well as the traditional agency BSP. tfPay offers the highest Rebates and offers settlement via a deposit or credit line for cost effective cash flow management. tfPay is the only programme to offer settlement and payment for 50+ airlines and rail operators (*AWA) which do not support the standard forms of payment. tfMerchant offers an out of the box solution for automated card acceptance for ecommerce companies.

    • Multiple Agency Payment Methods: tfPay (Deposit/Credit); tfMerchant.

    • Rebates: offering customers the highest industry rebates for every payment done via our corporate virtual cards;

    • Support for all card payment types including, Visa, Mastercard, Amex Airplus etc.;

    • AWA (Account with Airline): Travelfusion settles directly with the airlines which do not accept standard forms of payments;

    • 20+ currencies: avoiding currency exchange and receive the airline and hotel quotes in your local currency;

    • Online Reports: detailing each transaction and payment including full card and payment reconciliation, commissions (if any) and all extra charges.

    • Secure: tfPay is the most secure way to settle and manage payments to suppliers and is PCI compliant;

    • BSP supported: supports all BSP (Business Settlement Plan) payments.


Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Online Booking Platforms (OBPs)

tfPay offers a standardised, end-to-end, simple and cost effective way to manage the complex process of paying travel suppliers having a variety of payment systems and currency requirements across the globe.

Airlines, Hotel and Rail Companies

tfPay enables airlines, hotel and rail companies having a direct connect channel but unable to support the standard Form of Payment (FOP) to manage online payments from consumers and agents, and settle with other travel suppliers.


tfPay provides agents and corporates with new sources of income by sharing the Rebates directly with our customers. tfPay helps to simplify the payment process of bookings by minimising unnecessary steps in your operation that often result in errors. tfPay has developed a sophisticated reporting and reconciliation which matches every transaction with the virtual payment or credit account which help to simplify the accounting and automatically deals with any post booking refunds. tfPay also enables you to benefit from our 99% success rate of bookings, while avoiding issues, such as 3-D secure. In addition, we are rapidly increasing the number of credit deposit accounts with airlines and rail operators to further widen the scope of available payment options to settle with travel suppliers. tfPay is flexible to meet your needs by offering different ways to set up and pay for transactions:

    • tfPay Deposit in your preferred currency and enable transactions and rebates;

    • tfPay Credit credit terms supporting transactions and rebates;

    • tfMerchant supporting all card types and avoiding 3D blockers;

    • tfVpay (virtual credit card)

For Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Online Booking Platforms (OBPs)


EASY TO DEPLOY: tfPay is a ‘Plug and Play’ solution and does not require technical expertise to implement.

INCREASES SALES: tfpay enables ‘single use cards’ or a credit account payment resulting in error fee (99% success) bookings and further time savings to increase your sales.


    • Credit Card Charges: tfPay reduces credit card transaction charges.

    • Currency Exchange Rates: tfPay manages payments in multiple currencies while enabling to deposit in single and local currency to provide savings on currency exchange rates.

REDUCES PAYMENT FAILURES: tfPay bypasses the ‘Verified By Visa’ and ‘SecureCode by MasterCard’, thereby reduces card failure rates.

REAL-TIME REPORTING: tfPay automates and fully reconciles all billing transactions and booking data for real time reporting.

INCREASES DATA ACCURACY: tfPay through its Rich MI for Lodge Cards (BTA, AirPlus and MasterCard) resolves the gap in missing management information by standardising to capture payment information and matching it with the card used.


  1. Review the guide of tfPay solution (this guide)

  2. Complete and send back to us the tfPay Go live check list (it will be sent separately)

  3. Configure your requests to our API (In this guide too)

  4. Make a deposit (if it is your selected payment method)

  5. We/TF set up an account and provide you the credentials

  6. Run tests (more details will be provided at the later stage)

  7. Once you are satisfied with tests, you go live with TF.Prepaid bookings

Step 1: Agreement

In order to discuss and have a tfPay Agreement in place please contact our Sales Team at:

Step 2: Profile Setup Once the agreement is signed our Operation Team will set up your company’s profile (branch configuration and suppliers) according to your requirements. Please view the suppliers we support by visiting:

Step 3: Select tfPay Execution Methods

Option 1: tfPay Deposit/Credit

This option enables having a deposit account with Travelfusion with the following considerations.

Customer sets up a deposit account with Travelfusion in your chosen currency. Travelfusion manages the payment and settlement for each booking and the booking amount will be deducted from your deposit. Detailed online reports show the account activity and deposit balances. You will be charging your customers directly.

In case of the Credit option, the logic works similar to tfPay Deposit option, but you don't need to deposit with us the money in advance. TF will pay to the airlines with our payment solutions and you need to clear your credit in certain periods or when you reach a specific amount of credit. The tfPay Credit is only available after an evaluation from our @Finance Team, please take in consideration below 2 points: 1. What is your estimated booking numbers and spending per month? and 2. A bank guarantee is needed in order to join TF.Credit solution.

Option 2: tfMerchant

In this option you allow Travelfusion to be the merchant for either the full transaction or just the booking fee portion with the following considerations.

In this case Travelfusion acts as the merchant processing the card which is submitted at the time of booking. Travelfusion then settles directly with each supplier. To activate tfMerchant you will need to discuss with Travelfusion how to ensure that there are no fraudulent transactions.

Step 4: Settings

At this point Travelfusion will set up your account with the information in the Check List and send you the credentials for accessing the reports.

Step 6: Deposit

This step is applicable when bookings are processed under the tfpay Deposit payment method. In this step we will setup your account in your preferred currency and then Travelfusion Finance Team will help you through the process of making your first deposit, by transferring funds into our account. Travelfusion requires an initial deposit of EUR/GBP 5,000.00 to cover the initial batch of bookings. We have well-defined processes in place to provide you with full transparency (24/7 administrative system) and access to the status of your funds at any time that is closely monitored by our team.

Step 7: Testing

This step is designed to ensure that all the settings are in configured, ready to be implemented and requires a designated person from your organization to work with us. We will conduct an end-to-end test of a real booking with a supplier and test all and each stages of the payment process. This step also includes testing your ability to switch back to a non-deposit configuration.

Step 8: Implement

After successful testing Travelfusion will grant you permission to switch on tfpay for tested suppliers and go into production.

Step 9: Support

After the full implementation, you will receive support from our Accounts Management team. Billing reports will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.

Special Notes

    • Communication: It is important that we work closely together and have a constant communication hence please provide us with the contact details of the person at your organization who is responsible for managing your billing and Travelfusion account and whom our team can contact when needed.

    • Monitoring: Travelfusion monitors the live traffic and the state of your account, when the TF.Prepaid method is used. Our system of automated alerts enables us to flag any bottlenecks preventing you from booking. We also monitor your account and will alert you in the event it falls into the red zone.

    • Access: Travelfusion offers you access to your bookings in the Booking Admin at: admin. We also provide Booking Confirmation Emails that are sent out, on behalf of each supplier from the contact email address as you specified in the ProcessTerms request. Please note that some suppliers may include the payment details (last 4 digits of the credit card, cardholder name, etc.) in the booking confirmation email they send to the end users. For this reason, many of our customers prefer to submit their own corporate email address to be the contact for bookings made under the Prepaid method, which we can support in our API.

    • Changes, Cancellations and Refunds: It is your responsibility to manage changes and cancellations directly with your suppliers regardless what payment method is used. Refunds are normally reimbursed to the original method of payment and will automatically appear as a credit on your account. We provide support on a case-by-case basis in the event that a refund to the end-user is needed.


For more information and any inquiry please contact