This configuration is applicable only when bookings are processed as Travelfusion payment and not valid when using the TF.Merchant and BillBack payment methods. In the CheckDetailsHotel response Travelfusion flags ‘UseTFPrepay’, as an optional RequiredParameter, if the booking is processed as a Travelfusion payment. Please note that this is a per-booking parameter and Travelfusion may not return ‘UseTFPrepay’ even if the booking is for the same supplier.









Later on, in StartTermsHotel request, you need to submit the value ‘Always’ under ‘UseTFPrepay’. Here is where you specify the payment logic you selected (see ‘Payment Logic’ above).

Always Process Bookings as Travelfusion Payment: This booking will always be processed as Travelfusion payment, and the credit card details you submit to us will be ignored and will not be submitted to the supplier.

The final price we return in the ‘ProcessTerms’ response is the estimated price for the card type that was submitted to us in the Terms request. If you chose ‘Always Process Bookings as Travelfusion Payment’, we will select a credit card type.

In StartTermsHotel request, the parameter ‘UseTFPrepay’ need to be submitted within the BookingProfile XML element, for the entire booking, and not on a per-passenger basis. In this stage you also need to submit the full billing details, which include full credit card details including the card type.







The ‘UseTFPrepay’ parameter gives you the flexibility on a per-booking basis. Furthermore, it allows you to support a quick switch back to a non-payment by Travelfusion configuration. It is also useful to cater for cases, in which a payment method may not be supported because of insufficient funds (i.e. you run out of credit). TF.Pay generates alerts and advises us when to inform you of such cases. We ask you to respond to these alerts as quickly as possible.

Booking stage: TF.Pay returns the final booking price, based on the response from the supplier. Price changes from the Terms stage to the final booking response are rare but we know they can happen, for various reasons. Please note that if you change the end-user’s card, before you submit the booking request to Travelfusion, you may need to cater for cases, in which the charge is higher than quoted in the ‘Terms’ response.

When a booking goes through TF.Prepaid method Travelfusion returns a message under ‘SupplierInfoList’ node of CheckTermsHotel response. Please note that this is an important and the only confirmation that you will receive indicating whether the booking is going to be made through the TF.Prepaid method.



<DisplayName>Prepay Booking</DisplayName>


<Info>The booking is being processed through the prepay system</Info>



Please ensure that your system can parse this. Failing such means that the booking is not being processed through the TF.Pay System. We request that your application dynamically handles situations in which our operation team advises you of any de-activation of the TF.Pay system.