Format of the Name element (in RequiredParameter)

The possible values for this field are defined in the two tables below. The first part of the table shows data that should be supplied in a CustomSupplierParameterList, which can be supplied in the BookingProfile element at any stage of the search / booking process. Various other parameters can be supplied in the CustomSupplierParameterList that are not specified here as they will never appear in the RequiredParameterList. The BookingProfile element is specified fully in the plane ProcessTerms request. The second table below shows other special parameters that have other effects.

Parameters to be Supplied in a 'CustomSupplierParameterList'

For both BedType and TravelPurpose, you will present the end user with a selection or some options, and they will then need to select or type in an appropriate value. The DisplayText must be parsed to extract the values and descriptions. The delimeters are the following characters : , ( )

: will not appear in the initial text.

( and , will not appear in any of the values.

) will not appear in the descriptions.

Any leading and trailing whitespace should be trimmed from all values and descriptions.

Please note that this is an unofficial interim solution and may be subject to improvement or complete alteration at any point in the future.

For parameters with boolean format, you will present the end user with a radio button with values yes and no. If yes is selected, submit 'y' for this parameter. Otherwise submit value 'n'.

For parameters with text format, you will present the end user with a simple text box and submit the value entered for this parameter.

Parameters with Other Effects