For certain XML requests and responses, XML schemas are available, describing XML structures and data types. These are available as .xsd files. The XML returned by Travelfusion is guaranteed to always be valid with respect to the latest version of the schemas. Whilst the schema describes the data and structures, the detailed specification of each request and response includes a specification of the meaning of each field and also defines any complex dependencies that cannot be described within the limited framework of the schema syntax.

All XML requests to Travelfusion are described by the following schema:


All XML responses from Travelfusion are described by the schema at:


Travelfusion reserves the right to update the schemas at any time subject to the conditions and definitions within the XML spec. There are a number of reasons why the schemas might change at any time without warning:

    • Additional XML items/ elements/ attributes

    • Stricter/ enhanced validation

    • Corrections to the schema

    • Additions of 'ecode' and 'edetail' attributes to elements where errors previously did not occur

    • Alignment with spec (e.g. setting a field to optional that is stated as optional in the spec)

    • General reorganising of schemas such as renaming of schema types or altering file structure or layout

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the latest schemas are retrieved from the online location as often as possible to ensure that any enhancements or fixes are benefited from.

Please note that Travelfusion does not currently validate XML at runtime. However validation will be activated in the near future. Once activated, when an XML request or response is detected as not conforming to the schema, Travelfusion will return an error code. See the Error Handling Guide for more details.